Cartoon Sunday

Everyday heroes

Sunday, 21.10.2018
2pm — 4pm

Have you recently rescued an earthworm? Or have you climbed the tallest tree to retrieve a ball? Many comics artists draw stories based on their own experiences and a lot of imagination. In this workshop, you learn how to turn an event from your own life into a heroic story, in which you play the leading role yourself. A workshop with artist Martina Gmür.


© Ulli Lust 2017

Ulli Lust

30.6. — 28.10.2018

Comic Jam

© Cartoonmuseum Basel 

Fr. 16.— Erwachsene
Fr. 9.— Kinder
(Fr. 11.—/7.— Familienpass-Mitglieder)

Cost: Adults Sfr. 16.—
children / adolescents Sfr. 9.—
(Familienpass Sfr. 11.—/7.—)