Cartoon Sunday

A sock is a sock is a dinosaur!

Sunday, 21.5.2017
2pm — 4pm

With Christoph Niemann, a sock becomes a tyrannosaurus, a shell becomes a hairstyle and a brush becomes a ballerina. With collages, he inspires us to combine everyday objects and simple drawings, in order to create something new. An entertaining and imaginative workshop with artist Martina Gmür and an afternoon snack. For lateral thinkers and scavengers of all ages.


Christoph Niemann

6.5. — 29.10.2017

2016 8 22 Niemann Rennender Socken Web

Christoph Niemann from “Sunday Sketching” 2016

Fr. 14.— adults
Fr. 9.— children
(Fr. 9.—/7.— with Family Pass)

Please register until Friday before the workshop takes place via mail or 061 226 33 60
Ages 6 and above