Christoph Niemann turns it upside down!
Interview with the artist

Thursday, 15.6.2017

“Things only start to be fun when you begin to observe real life and its imperfections.” Christoph Niemann takes time and looks closely. Behind each thing, he discovers a second thing – everything can be something else. Sven Behrisch, Journalist «Das Magazin», talks to Christoph Niemann and Philipp Keel, Publisher, Artist and author, about his strategies as an artist, how he handles deadlines, and the best roundabout way to arrive at an idea. Introduction: Anette Gehrig, Director and Curator Cartoonmuseum Basel
A cooperation between Diogenes Verlag, Literaturhaus Basel and «Das Magazin»

Venue: Literaturhaus Basel


Christoph Niemann

6.5. — 29.10.2017

3482 4798