Wednesday morning talk

Journey to the end of the night

Wednesday, 21.11.2018
10am — 12pm

Comics artist Jacques Tardi has intensively addressed major topics from the history of France. His devoted stories about the suffering of people who, in the two world wars, were physically and mentally maimed or killed have made him world famous. With his round, strong ligne claire, Jacques Tardi has adapted Léo Malet’s crime novels, sent his own headstrong heroine Adèle Blanc-Sec on fantastical adventures and told the story of the revolutionary Paris Commune. Cultural researcher and journalist Ariel Herbez joins Anette Gehrig, director of Cartoonmuseum Basel, to discuss the work of France’s most successful comics Artist.


Le Monde de Tardi

10.11.2018 — 24.3.2019

Tardi 26 Web

Costs Sfr. 10.— / 5.—