The Involuntary Hero

Wednesday, 24.10.2018

The story of “The Involuntary Hero” is set in the revolutionary year of 1848 in the Ukrainian town Lviv. While the Ukrainian employee of a chancellery, Stefan Kalinowicz, works “consistently and just like a wound up clockwork”, his identity and self-image become more and more entangled and confused by the outer confusion. Finally, he has to rediscover his role in the Galician multi-ethnic state between Austria, Poland and the Ruthenians.
The novella by Ivan Franko, which is still topical in the Ukrainian context today, was first translated into German in 2017. Cyril Horiszny’s and Mihai Tymoshenko’s graphic novel based on Franko’s text has been voted the most beautiful book in the Ukraine. Anette Gehrig (Director of Cartoonmuseum Basel) and Judith Schifferle will introduce the two guests in the Philosophicum.

An event of the Philisophicum Basel in cooperation with the Cartoonmuseum Basel.

The Event will take place at the Philosophicum, Ackermannshof, St. Johanns–Vorstadt 19–21 in Basel.

Ukrainische Novel2

Aperitif and book sale subsquent.
Entry fee: Sfr. 17.— / 10.—