Wednesday morning talk


Wednesday, 22.11.2017
10am — 12pm

Lorenzo Mattotti (b. 1954) is one of the most renowned comics artists, painters and illustrators worldwide. With his acrylics and crayon drawings, he brought painting into the comic. Mattotti represents a broad understanding of art, architecture, film and design. The dynamic, colourful, expressively charged images in the almost wordless comics that have made him famous are reminiscent of classic Renaissance pictorial narratives.
This talk with Dr Josef Helfenstein, director of Kunstmuseum Basel, and Anette Gehrig, director of Cartoonmuseum Basel, presents the exhibition and explores similarities between pictorial and narrative concepts in comics and painting.


Lorenzo Mattotti

11.11.2017 — 11.3.2018


Lorenzo Mattotti from “Feux” 1986

Costs: Sfr. 10.—/5.—