Online Visits

July 30, Online Visit No. 3 with Gabriella Giandelli

Gabriella Giandelli lives and works as a comics artist and illustrator in Milan. Giandelli’s colour-intensive drawings are depicted with subtle nuances. In her stories birds and fantastical beings take people out of the city, to nature and to their innermost desires. Watch the video here.

March 26, Online Visit No. 2 with Yann Kebbi

Yann Kebbi’s impetuous powerful work The Structure is Rotten, Comrade, about an architect who wants to do good and destroys a city in the process, was very well received. During this studio visit, he talks about his artwork and urban reportage from New York. Watch the video here.

February 26, Online Visit No. 1 with Lorenzo Mattotti

Lorenzo Mattotti explores cities as a flâneur. After these wanderings, his works arise from memory. The city becomes an abstracted colourful landscape of perspectives, movements and encounters. In the studio, Mattotti talks about his fascination with urban life and his favourite cities. Watch the video here.

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