Workshop for school classes

Ouf! Learning French with Comics

This workshop adds a splash of colour to everyday learning. Here, an interactive guided tour is combined with a workshop that has a practical element.

Children and youths show immense interest in comics, which provides an ideal basis for approaching comics' adventures and punch lines in an effortless relaxed way, without getting thrown by the new language. Comics and graphic novels are set in completely normal real life, and address everyday topics – particularly, in the case of “Titeuf”, those pertaining to adolescents. As they make it possible to directly identify with the protagonists, they are a highly suitable means of obtaining practical linguistic and textual skills.
Learning in the museum also enables youths to work directly with the exhibition’s original images. The museum can be seen as a stage, on which the participants can become removed from their everyday lives and able to experiment with language more freely. 

Recommended for: Primary school year 5 and above, plus secondary school levels I to III
Duration: 90 minutes
Skills: Experimentation with the French language
One tour (up to 15 persons): Sfr 150,– flat rate, plus Sfr 7,– admission per person
Two tours (16–35 persons): Sfr 200,– flat rate, plus Sfr 7,– admission per person

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