Workshop for school classes

Ouf! Learning French with Comics

This workshop adds a splash of colour to everyday learning and combines an interactive guided tour with a workshop. The museum becomes a stage, on which the participants are taken out of their everyday lives and can experiment with language.

Die exhibition Catherine Meurisse. L’Humour au sérieux Catherine Meurisse (b. 1980) presentd one of today’s most famous and productive female French comics artists. The quality of her work, which ranges from press drawings to long graphic novels, and her great variety of themes, spanning politics, literature, art, nature and autobiography, have attracted considerable attention internationally. Catherine Meurisse is the first cartoonist to become a member of the painting section of France’s Académie des Beaux-Arts. The comprehensive exhibition at Cartoonmuseum Basel is the first in the German-speaking world to show original drawings from all works by this multi-award-winning artist and also presents her recently released book La jeune femme et la mer.

In this workshop, younger school pupils will focus more on visual language, the possibilities of drawing and the various design techniques in comics. More advanced pupils will address social and gender issues. What they all have in common, is that they quickly forget they are speaking French...

Recommended for: Primary school year 6, plus secondary school levels I to II
Duration: 90 minutes
Skills: Experimentation with the French language
One tour (up to 15 persons): Sfr 150.— flat rate, plus Sfr 7.— admission per person
Two tours (16–35 persons): Sfr 200.— flat rate, plus Sfr 7.— admission per person

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