Open Sesame!

Whether it is to Narnia, Hogwarts or to Wonderland: Where does your gateway lead to?

Take part in our postcard contest and share the stories of your gateway to wonder-land with us, into which Catherine Meurisse escapes into in her book “Les Grands Espaces”. Answer the question on the back of the postcard and with a little luck, you will win a surprise! We look forward to your drawing!

Be it drawn, painted, cut out or collaged – bring along your postcard to our museumsshop or allow your imagination to run free in our library.

We will present your pictures in our library and a surprise will be awarded for the best drawings.

Participation deadline: 13. March 2022

20220103 Sesam öffne dich Bild

© Catherine Meurisse
«Les Grands Espaces» Dargaud 2018
«La jeune femme et la mer» Dargaud 2021