Time killer

Our drawing-suggestions let the ideas flow and banish boredom. Creative drawing, fun and games, experiments and puzzles for all ages. In the following weeks, we will provide you with tips and tricks. Stay creative!

Stories from the Big City

Whether extraordinary or ordinary, chaotic or poetic: the stories of the big city are written by the people who inhabit it. Inspired by the exhibition "Big City Life" we imagine our own city-stories. Find our drawing-suggestions for download here.

A Change of Perspective

Besides waiting for the lockdown to end, there's nothing left for us to do but to go outside, enjoy the fresh air and let our eyes wander... Find our drawing-suggestions for download here.

Knock Knock, knocking from your dresser!

What fantasy world is hidden in your dresser? Think about the creatures that rise from your drawer. The instructions are available for download here.

Colour Theory. Loud and colourful!

Colours are a means against the winter tristesse. Inspired by the work of Brecht Evens, we are creating vibrant watercolour paintings, rich in colours and contrasts . Create your own little story with us! The instructions can be downloaded here.

Create your own first comic magazine!

Are you out of reading material? With the instructions for your own “Mini-Zine”, you'll quickly become an author yourself. On the museum night the artists of the Geneva fanzine la bûche visited us and created many little comic books with our visitors. With the following instructions, this is also easy to do at home. Fold your own “Mini-Zine” and fill it with your story. Find the full instructions here.

Window painings

Are you tired of the same view out your window? In the museum we design our windows to match the exhibition. It's easy to do that from home. With chalk & window markers you can adapt your view to your wishes. Order by mail to info@cartoonmuseum.ch markers and you're ready to go! Read the full instructions here.

Draw a comic strip!

Have you always wanted to draw your own comic strip? All you need is a pen, paper and a little inspiration.
We will show you how to draw your own comic strip quickly and easily. Download the instructions here.

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