Book launch
TARDI: René Tardi, Prisoner of War at Stalag II B

Saturday, 9.2.2019

Tardi's magnificent trilogy on the odyssey of his father in the Second World War. In 1940, French tank driver René Tardi was captured in Lorraine and interned at Stalag II B in Eastern Pomerania, in today's Poland. There, with hundreds who shared the same fate, he waited for the war to end. In 1945, the prisoners were forced by their tormentors to march westwards through Germany. The third and final volume describes the traumatised and embittered father's return home and the difficult years after the end of the war. Tardi draws himself as a little boy conducting an imagined dialogue with his father, although he was never close enough to his reticent father to do so in reality.

An afternoon with Tardi, his wife and singer Dominique Grange, the cultural historian and journalist Ariel Herbez, and Anette Gehrig, curator and director of Cartoonmuseum Basel.


Le Monde de Tardi

10.11.2018 — 24.3.2019

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