Future comic-book hero(in)es

Saturday, 15.5.2021
2pm — 4pm

How can comics be more feminist, inclusive and diversity-conscious? In this workshop, comics artist Kati Rickenbach not only presents fascinating best-practice examples, but also helps you to directly wield a pencil yourself and to put your own creations on paper. Develop future comic-book hero(in)es or learn basic skills, so that drawn characters can dispense with stereotypes entirely.

A cooperation with ROXY Birsfelden. In connection with this event, the theater evening “Emotions of normal people” of beautiful failures takes place on the same day at 8 p.m. in the ROXY Birsfelden.


© Gabriella Giandelli «Tutto L’anno» 2014 (detail)

Big City Life

13.2. — 20.6.2021

Bild 20210310 Workshop Held Innen Kati Rickenbach Ext

Kati Rickenbach

Cost: adults Sfr16.—

children/youths Sfr 9.—

(Familienpass holders: adults Sfr 11.—/ children/youths Sfr 7.—)

Prior registration necessary until May 12 via