Comic reading
«The world a zoo»

Tuesday, 31.3.2020
8pm — 9.30pm

Dreams are demonstrative sketches and treasure chambers of ideas for storytellers! Renowned artist Christoph Fischer from Lucerne has captured a selection of his dreams in impressive large-format pictures, as well as in the publication While I Was Sleeping, which accompanies the exhibition Christoph Fischer: The World Put on Paper at Cartoonmuseum Basel. At this comic reading, he takes us on a surreal journey, powerfully muddling our notions of everyday life and reality.

A collaboration with Fumetto Comic Festival Lucerne.


© Christoph Fischer, «Auf der langen Bank», 2012

Christoph Fischer

21.3. — 1.6.2020

00 Fischer Traum Porsche Zebra Hintergrund Bearbeitet


Restaurant St. Magdalena, Lucerne