Comics go digital
Introductory course

Wednesday, 27.9.2023
2pm — 5pm

There is no stopping digitisation, not even when it comes to comics. Comic strips can be digitally processed analogue drawings, or be created directly on a computer. There are now specialised apps that make such methods very easily accessible.

Even with digital means of production, the basics of the comic remain the same: It needs content (a story or joke) and form (suitable reduction and abstraction of the subject matter). In this workshop, we use portraits to work on the basics of simplifying a face when drawing (“dot, dot, comma, line – that’s the face, looking fine”). We use analogue and digital techniques and learn about the two approaches’ differences, limits and possibilities.


Chris Ware «Paper Life» 2023

Chris Ware

1.7. — 29.10.2023

3631 7355

Cartoonmuseum Basel 2020

Cost: Sfr. 30.–
No course fees for BS teachers

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