Comics go digital
Advanced course

Wednesday, 29.11.2023
2pm — 5pm

Time for the next round on the eduBS Book! If you attended the Comics Go Digital introductory course and/or have experience with the software and/or Procreate, then you have already made progress and will now want to delve a little deeper into character development, storytelling, and the interplay between digital and analogue drawing.

Part 1: Character-development exercises, getting to know the comic’s design elements, ideas on coming up with a story, drawing a mini comic.

Part 2: Digital comics workshop (creating a digital template with panels, digitising characters and possibly other elements, combining these in the panel template to create a mini comic, experimenting with the software, colouring the comic digitally).


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11.11.2023 — 11.2.2024

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Cost: Sfr. 30.–
No course fees for BS teachers

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