Collecting and dreaming

Thursday, 9.4.2020
2pm — 5pm

Comics reporters are on the move, observing their surroundings and interviewing people. They can also focus on themselves though, like Lucerne artist Christoph Fischer, who draws his dreams. During Comics Week, we get to know Christoph Fischer in person, spend an afternoon together, sleep at the museum, then draw our dreams afterwards, no matter how crazy they are! This workshop takes place at both Cartoonmuseum and Druckstelle. Information on the programme will be sent out two weeks beforehand (it is also possible to book individual afternoons). A collaboration with Druckstelle Basel.


© Christoph Fischer, «Auf der langen Bank», 2012

Christoph Fischer

21.3. — 1.6.2020

05 Fischer Gäbelbach Vor Schule Hintergund Bearbeitet

Four afternoons: Sfr. 50.—

(Familienpass holders Sfr. 40.—)

Single admission: CHF 16.—

(Familienpass holders CHF 14.—)

Overnight stay: CHF 10.—

Prior registration necessary via or 061 226 33 60