Summer Workshop


Wednesday, 10.8.2022
2pm — 5pm

This is a workshop where puppets dance! We will use a tablet and simple stop-motion techniques to bring people, animals and objects to life. Visitors of all ages will be surprised and thrilled to make their characters move – and even stick-in-the muds will be powerless to resist the magic of cartoons. Age 9 and above with a mid-afternoon snack
Supported by DQ Solutions


Gabriella Giandelli «Amabili resti» Triptychon 2019

Gabriella Giandelli

11.6. — 30.10.2022

3702 8451

Cartoonmuseum Basel 2021

Single afternoon Sfr. 16.—

(with Familienpass Sfr. 14.—)

Four afternoons: Sfr. 50.—

(with Familienpass Sfr. 40.—)

Registration required. Please register by Monday prior to the workshop with or 061 226 33 60