Closing of

«Christoph Fischer. The World Put on Paper»
Closing & artist-guided tour

Sunday, 30.8.2020
4pm — 5pm

Christoph Fischer, an artist and illustrator from Lucerne, observes living environments that many prefer to avert their eyes from. In his drawn reportage, be it about an impoverished section of Chicago or Bahnhofplatz Lucerne, he documents the lives of people on the fringes of society. His larger-than-life concrete sculpture of a street sweeper stands at Lucerne’s Kreuzstutz roundabout, dedicated to the area’s noise-plagued residents. The exhibition “Christoph Fischer: The World Put on Paper” at Cartoonmuseum Basel demonstrates Christoph Fischer’s development as an artist – from his early reportage, through to fifty new large-format dream images. The accompanying Christoph Merian Verlag publication “While I Was Sleeping” contains a selection of his dream images, sketches and texts.

Christoph Fischer and the museum’s curator/director will guide visitors through the exhibition. Awards will be presented for our visitors’ best dream drawings. Followed by snacks and drinks. You and your friends are very welcome.


Christoph Fischer

21.3. — 30.8.2020

3670 9340

No admission fee