Wednesday morning talk

Film in the mind

Wednesday, 7.9.2022
10am — 12pm

Many of artist and illustrator Gabriella Giandelli's pictures are of mysterious and vague situations and are reminiscent of the film stills that used to hang in display cases outside cinemas. Swiss film director Anna Thommen and curator Anette Gehrig will discuss the filmic qualities of Giandelli's work.


Gabriella Giandelli «Amabili resti» Triptychon 2019

Gabriella Giandelli

11.6. — 30.10.2022

4 Gabriella Giandelli Ohne Titel Mirabile Bestiarium 2022

Gabriella Giandelli «Ohne Titel» Mirabile Bestiarium Christoph Merian Verlag 2022

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