Cartoon Sunday

Look who's talking!

Sunday, 2.6.2019
2pm — 4pm

Joann Sfar's creation "The Rabbi's Cat" has eaten a parrot and can talk. What would your animal say if it could speak? Use watercolours to make a colourful comic strip – with plenty of imagination and your favourite animal in the main role.

Workshop with art mediator Debora Schär. Afternoon snack included.


Joann Sfar

6.4. — 11.8.2019

13 Chat Rabbin T8 Visuel Page 35

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Prices for Familienpass holders: adults Sfr. 11.— / children and youths CHF 7.—
(Normal prices: adults Sfr. 16.— / children and youths CHF 9.—)

Registration is open until the preceding Friday.