Cartoon Sunday

Can you draw me?

Sunday, 23.8.2020
2pm — 4pm

The accomplished artist Christoph Fischer draws precise portraits and reportage. His drawings of people are more than likenesses: they seem to convey something about the essence of each person. Places also have character that can be discovered through drawing. In this workshop, Christoph Fischer explains how he goes about it, and what matters most when drawing portraits and pictures of people and places. A place can be reproduced by sketching and combining its typical objects, shadows, clouds, people’s postures and actions etc. Learn from the pro!

Duration: 120 minutes


Christoph Fischer

21.3. — 30.8.2020

10 Fischer Krückenzigarette 009027

Cost: adults Sfr16.—

children/youths Sfr 9.—

(Familienpass holders: adults Sfr 11.—/ children/youths Sfr 7.—)

Prior registration necessary via or 061 226 33 60