Wednesday morning talk


Wednesday, 1.9.2021
10am — 12pm

British illustrator and caricaturist Posy Simmonds has been working for the liberal left-wing daily newspaper The Guardian since the 1970s. The humorous, feminist arc of her artistic career has spanned more than 50 years, ranging from widely read children’s books to socio-critical comic strips and lavish graphic novels that were later made into films.

Curator Anette Gehrig in conversation with Sophie Bürgi, University of Basel, Center for Gender Studies


© Posy Simmonds «Gemma Bovery» 1999

Posy Simmonds

28.8. — 24.10.2021

2 Posy Simmonds Cassandra Darke 2018 Hintergund Bearbeitet

Posy Simmonds «Cassandra Darke» 2018

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