Summer Workshop

Quimby the Mouse

Wednesday, 2.8.2023
2pm — 5pm

Chris Ware’s comic mouse Quimby, drawn with only a few lines, brings to mind Disney’s Mickey Mouse or Herrimann’s Ignatz Mouse. Bad luck follows Quimby wherever he goes, but he never gives up. In this workshop, we experiment with Chris Ware’s character and get our own mouse moving with a simple stop-motion technique.

Ages: 8 and above, with afternoon snack

Supported by DQ Solutions


© Chris Ware «Paper Life» 2023

Chris Ware

1.7. — 29.10.2023

3761 8929

Cartoonmuseum Basel 2022

Single afternoon Sfr. 16.—

(with Familienpass Sfr. 14.—)

Four afternoons: Sfr. 50.—

(with Familienpass Sfr. 40.—)

Registration required. Please register by Monday prior to the workshop with or 061 226 33 60