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Sunday guided tour

Sunday, 28.7.2019
2pm — 3pm

Born in 1971 in Nice, illustrator, author and film director Joann Sfar has brought philosophy into the comic. With "The Rabbi's Cat", an effervescent mixture of faith issues, philosophical observation, fable and a dash of adventure, Sfar first became a star in France, then achieved worldwide fame. There are now over 160 comic albums, novels and films in the unmistakeable style of this lively storyteller and spirited illustrator. The tour of the exhibition leads through the work of Joann Sfar, who for the first time, is being honoured in a large-scale overview exhibition with over 200 original drawings, watercolours, paintings and film clips.


Joann Sfar

6.4. — 11.8.2019

06 Sfar Bonnard

© Joann Sfar «Je l’appelle Monsieur Bonnard» Editions HAZAN 2015

Costs: Sfr. 5.— plus entrance fee