Exhibition walkabout

Sunday guided tour

Sunday, 10.10.2021
2pm — 3pm

The retrospective at Cartoonmuseum Basel spans over 50 years, looking back on the impressive career of British cartoonist Posy Simmonds: first female illustrator at The Guardian, working there since the 1970s, many extremely popular children’s books, first British graphic novel, several albums adapted into live-action films and much more. This guided tour with Debora Schär introduces you to a great artist, stopping off at all the stations along the route that her humorous and socio-critical oeuvre has taken.


Posy Simmonds

28.8. — 24.10.2021

14 Posy Simmonds Fred 1987 Hintergund Bearbeitet

Posy Simmonds «Fred» 1987

Costs: Sfr. 5.— plus entrance fee