Wonder Women!

Sunday, 27.2.2022
2pm — 3pm

Women in comics can have very different experiences: Posy Simmonds of England has been drawing for the renowned liberal daily newspaper The Guardian for 50 years. In contrast, the USA’s Aline Kominisky-Crumb and her female colleagues had to found their own magazine, Wimmen’s Comix, in order to get their explicit stories about female sexuality published at all in the 1970s. And until cartoonist Catherine Meurisse joined the editorial team at Charlie Hebdo in 2005, this French satirical magazine’s taboo-breaking jokes came exclusively from men. A dialogue-based guided tour through the careers of selected female pioneers on the comics scene and their groundbreaking works.


© Catherine Meurisse 2021

Catherine Meurisse

6.11.2021 — 13.3.2022

22 Catherine Meurisse Entwurf Cover Charlie Hebdo 2010 Hintergrund bearbeitet

© Catherine Meurisse Entwurf für das Cover von Charlie Hebdo n°924 Les Échappés / Charlie Hebdo 3. März 2010

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