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Sunday guided tour in French

Sunday, 16.4.2023
2pm — 3pm

Will Eisner (1917–2005) is not only considered the father of the graphic novel, but also decisively shaped the comic medium on two other occasions in his life: In 1940, he used his series “The Spirit” as a kind of laboratory, in which he explored the possibilities of graphic storytelling. In 1952, he tried out the option of using comics to teach and inform in general societal contexts. The guided tour in French presents this artist as the most important point of reference in the world of comics, while the Hécatombe exhibition shows how contemporary artists use the comic as an innovative art form.


Will Eisner «Life» aus: «City – A Narrative Portfolio» 1980

Will Eisner

11.3. — 18.6.2023

7 Will Eisner The Worms View 1981 Hintergrund bearbeitet

Will Eisner «The Worm’s View» 1981

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