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Sunday guided tour

Sunday, 14.1.2024
2pm — 3pm

Blutch’s oeuvre, which is hugely diverse both thematically and in terms of form, revolves around the drawing. Blutch is now seen as one of the most important and masterful artists behind today’s new French comic. His possibilities as a drawer and painter range from the quick expressive ink drawing to the subtle freestyle painting. In fact, there is hardly any subject that the French comics artist Blutch has not tackled, and his stories inhabit all genres, be it science fiction, mystery, western, drama or comedy. The guided tour with Murielle Cornut presents the multifaceted work of an extraordinary artist.



11.11.2023 — 11.2.2024

Blutch La mer a boire Blumen beschnitten

© Blutch «La Mer à boire» 2022

Costs: CHF 5.— plus entrance fee

No registration required