Animation Production

Friday, 27.8.2021
4pm — 6pm

During the 2021 Gässli Film Festival in Basel, a three-day animation workshop will take place at K’Werk. At various stations, you will learn techniques with which to put a multitude of images in motion – by hand or on a computer. An art mediator from Cartoonmuseum Basel will be there to give you input. Together, we will produce an animation to be presented a week later at the animation festival Fantoche. You will also receive a Gässli Film Festival pass, a guided tour of Cartoonmuseum Basel and an invitation to the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in Baden from the 7th to the 12th of September 2021. Ages 10–16

In cooperation with Fantoche, the Gässli Film Festival and K’Werk


Big City Life

13.2. — 15.8.2021

Cost: Sfr 120.–

Registration and venue: K’Werk Bildschule


Organisers: Simon Krebs & Jessica Voelke