Wednesday morning talk

Under pressure – Images of humanity from Russia

Wednesday, 11.9.2019
10am — 12pm

The portraits and drawn reports by Russian artist and illustrator Victoria Lomasko document living conditions in today’s Russia. This artist, who became famous with her visual report on the court case against the organisers of the exhibition “Forbidden Art 2006”, currently focuses on Russia’s various subcultures, as well as its disadvantaged and marginalised strata: from Orthodox religious communities to LGBT activists and sex workers, through to migrant labourers and the country’s agricultural workers in the provinces. A tour of the exhibition with a workshop held by the artist Victoria Lomasko, and the director and curator Anette Gehrig.


Victoria Lomasko

24.8. — 10.11.2019

08 Lomasko Frau Zeitung

Costs: Sfr. 10.—