Open Atelier

Vivre à FranDisco
with Marcel Schmitz and Thierry Van Hasselt

Sunday, 9.5.2021
2pm — 5pm

The urban structure “FranDisco” is the brainchild of “urbatect” Marcel Schmitz, a Belgian artist with Down syndrome, who is almost fifty years old. This three-dimensional city, which Schmitz has made from cardboard, embroidery and adhesive tape, is documented by Thierry Van Hasselt, comics artist and co-founder of the Brussels publishing platform Frémok, in drawings that ensure it will be remembered, along with all the reasons for its construction, and never forgotten. Both artists will attend the exhibition and create cities with the visitors. From 6 years onwards


© Gabriella Giandelli «Tutto L’anno» 2014 (detail)

Big City Life

13.2. — 20.6.2021

Big City Life_Thierry-Van-Hasselt-und-Marcel-Schmitz-VivreaFranDisco-2016-2-Web

© Thierry Van Hasselt und Marcel Schmitz «Vivre à FranDisco» 2016

Cost: adults Sfr16.—

children/youths Sfr 9.—

(Familienpass holders: adults Sfr 11.—/ children/youths Sfr 7.—)

Prior registration necessary via or 061 226 33 60