Sunday guided tour
Sonntagsführung in englischer Sprache

Sonntag, 8.10.2017
14 Uhr

Christoph Niemann’s many interests and ideas move at the fast pace of our multifarious everyday urban life and reflect on it at the same time. His wonderfully light, elegant and ironic works are known all around the world and have made him one of the most sought-after and influential illustrators of our time. The Cartoonmuseum Basel has the honour of hosting Switzerland’s first ever large solo exhibition dedicated to this inspiring artist. Gabriela Giallombardo guides through the exhibition “Christoph Niemann. That's How!”.


Christoph Niemann

6.5. — 29.10.2017

2016 8 22 Niemann Krieg Und Kaffeemaschine

Christoph Niemann, Design and Violence, MoMA 2016

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