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Sunday guided tour

Sunday, 30.6.2024, 12pm–1pm
Sunday, 14.7.2024, 12pm–1pm
Sunday, 18.8.2024, 12pm–1pm
Sunday, 8.9.2024, 12pm–1pm
Sunday, 6.10.2024, 12pm–1pm

Richard McGuire has lived a thousand artistic lives, producing an enormously diverse body of work in multiple media, including music, film, illustration and books. He first gained attention during the early 1980s in the seminal post-punk band Liquid Liquid, for which he was the bassist and a founding member. In 2014, his graphic novel ‘Here’ was published to wide acclaim and it has since been translated into more than 20 languages. The guided tours provide an introduction to this artist, who is well-versed in many disciplines, and to his work.

Costs: CHF 5.– plus entrance fee

No prior registration required

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