Cartoonmuseum Basel

Ampel Magazin

Usually, this is it


“Ampel Magazin” is an ambitious project started by three young illustrators from Lucerne: Anja Wicki (born 1987), Luca Bartulovic (born 1988), and Andreas Kiener (born 1986). Over the last five years, it has become a platform for young Swiss illustrators. Since its launch in 2010, 14 elaborate issues have been published, all of them printed in two colours and hand-bound by the editors. Narration, illustration, and design all receive equal attention in the endeavour to create a harmonious and complete issue. By setting themselves artistic restrictions, such as using only two colours or drawing by hand only, the editors create a unique profile without limiting the formal or thematic scope of the extraordinarily complex comics. The exhibition presents “Ampel Magazin” No 15, titled “Normalerweise war’s das” (“Usually, this is it”). It is a subtle story of the power of a lie and the weight of guilt in a father-daughter relationship. This most recent issue was co-written and illustrated by the three editors, who also designed and curated the exhibition at the Cartoonmuseum Basel. Wicki, Bartulovic and Kiener have won grants and scholarships as well as the “Max und Moritz” Award for the best student publication at the Comic-Salon in Erlangen in 2012. They represent an innovative and lively comics scene in Switzerland that creates its own platforms for publication. Concurrently, the Cartoonmuseum Basel presents the showcase exhibition “I like Jazz. Drawings by Haëm” featuring Hans Meury, alias Haëm, a caricaturist, illustrator, globetrotter, and jazz fan born in Basel in 1929. 
Curator: Anette Gehrig

  • Anja Wicki “Ampel Magazin” 2016

  • Andreas Kiener “Ampel Magazin” 2016