Cartoonmuseum Basel



Cartoonist Tomi Ungerer, who calls himself an erotomaniac and repeatedly focuses on eroticism in his works, thinks “Geschlecht ist nicht so schlecht”. The Cartoonmuseum Basel would like to endorse this statement and has gathered a large range of things sexual from over four centuries for presentation in the exhibition entitled “Erotik”. These works by international artists ensure a pleasurable and varied juxtaposition of different artistic positions that range from the mere suggestion to the rather ambiguous to the very blatant. The humorous drawing maintains a critical distance from the conventional and can therefore adopt a refreshing and often unexpected view of erotic ideas and themes. It provides insight into the moral standards of an era and reflects the social treatment of eroticism and the respective relationship between the sexes. This exhibition deals with eroticism in caricatures, cartoons and comics as a frank topic for debate and as a stylistic tool in honing an incisive statement. The exhibition is suitable for viewers aged 16 and upwards.
Curator: Anette Gehrig