Cartoonmuseum Basel

How to Love

Actus Group/Rutu Modan/Yirmi Pinkus/David Polonsky/Ari Folman Contemporary Drawings from Israel


Israel is often perceived as a country caught in a long and tragic armed conflict. But there is more to Israel than war: As anywhere, everyday routine and relationships are the basic ingredients of life. Hence, a recent project of the internationally renowned artists’ group Actus from Tel Aviv focuses on love. The collected works of this project were published in a book called “How to Love”. In an exhibition of the same name, the Cartoonmuseum Basel presents works of several members of the Actus group: Rutu Modan, Yirmi Pinkus, Mira Friedmann, Batia Kolton, Itzik Rennert and David Polonsky. All six artists go far beyond the traditional comic, their works unfolding in the space between graphic novel, graphic art, drawings, typography, and poetry. A second part of the exhibition is devoted too the works by the three Actus artists, Modan, Pinkus and Polonsky, and takes a closer look at the award-winning animated movie “Waltz with Bashir”, for which director Ari Folman collaborated closely with David Polonsky. All artists work in different techniques, media and formats. This broad artistic range offers a very personal glimpse into everyday life in Israel today.
Curator: Anette Gehrig