Cartoonmuseum Basel



Frisch gestrichen Meisterwerke der Kunstparodie Exhibition catalogue


Why are cartoonists particularly nasty and to the point when they poke fun at famous painters and works of art? Comic expert Christian Gasser looks at 30 masterful art parodies to find answers to this and other questions concerning the high and low arts. With works by Ronald Searle, Gerhard Glück, Nicolas Mahler, Hans Traxler, Heinrich Kley, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Noyau, Martial Leiter, and many others. The 30 cartoons can be detached and used as postcards. Text by Christian Gasser with an introduction by Anette Gehrig.

Cartoonmuseum Basel (ed.)
40 pages, 30 detachable postcards
hardback, 12,5 x 17,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-85616-512-3

CHF 25.00